VP Online

So that’s four characters created – all now updated with stats for Void Pirates. It proved a bit of a challenge converting some of the 5 Parsecs characteristics (or my perception of them) into Void Pirates special traits. I think I’m going to take a look through the other Scifi rules I have and see […]

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Macro K’Patha

Origin – Military brat Motivation – Power Character Class – Trouble shooter Special Circumstances – Orange alien Alien Traits – (1) Fascinated by xeno forms, (2) Spatial instability, (3) Peculiar mating habits Talent – Strong arm Background Events – (1 & 2) Run in with the authorities Known Enemies – Unity enforcers Back Story The […]

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Cayla Hohstadt

Origin – Unity orphan utility program Motivation – Survival Character Class – Bounty hunter Special Circumstances – Cybernetic enhancement (rapid fire) Background Events – (1) Carried out a project, (2) Pointless drudgery Back Story Cayla was just another statistic on the Unity Orphan Utility Program. She had no idea who her parents were or where […]

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Arrek Zergi

Origin: Peaceful High Tech Colony Motvation: Fame Character Class: Scientist Special Circumstances: Unhinged Background Events: (1) Betrayed by a Friend, (2) Met a Hero Back Story Arrek was a highly successful scientist on Uspillon in the Casperon Sector, specialising in genetics. His hunger for recognition made it easy for Unity agents to entice him in […]

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Cadan Madak

If you’ve been on my other blog “Ten and Fifteen Mil Wargaming”, you will have already come across this guy, albeit briefly. 5 Parsecs From Home produced the following:- Origin: Research Outpost Motivation: Revenge Character Class: Bounty Hunter Special Circumstances: Infiltration Unit Talent: Infiltrator Background Events: (1) Had a Lucky Break (2) Run In With […]

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Well Here We Go…

Here’s my attempt at publishing and (hopefully) regularly updating a blog on my 15mm science fiction wargaming, using a mixture of 5 Parsecs From Home for character and planet creation and Void Pirates, Rogue Star and 5150 Urban Renewal for the actual gaming. Practically all my gaming is solo so I can tweek things to […]

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