Arrek Zergi

Arrek Zergi

Origin: Peaceful High Tech Colony
Motvation: Fame
Character Class: Scientist
Special Circumstances: Unhinged
Background Events: (1) Betrayed by a Friend, (2) Met a Hero

Back Story

Arrek was a highly successful scientist on Uspillon in the Casperon Sector, specialising in genetics. His hunger for recognition made it easy for Unity agents to entice him in to aid their research into “enhancements” and he was posted to Facility EOM11 on Aubos to work on improving natural epidermal defences.

There, competition amongst the many researchers was fierce. Following an act of betrayal by one of his closest colleagues over the work they were carrying out together, Arrek decided to experiment on himself with disastrous results. He now keeps himself fully covered in an artificial covering.

Arrek now spends his time seeking a cure for his condition. So far, all his experiments have resulted in failure and the creation of hapless mutant victims (like those below) who he now uses to serve him.

Void Pirate Stats

Type – Specialist (Scientist)
Attack (Ranged) – 4D
Attack (Close) – 4D [3]
Defence (Ranged) – 4D
Defence (Close) – 4D
Notes – 3 Special Traits
Boosts – Sharp mind (N)
Special Traits – Killing Hands, Regen, Savant
Move – 6cm
Equipment – Armour (Light), Basic Melee Weapon, Med Kit
Vitality – 3
Total Cost – 15 pts


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