Cadan Madak

If you’ve been on my other blog “Ten and Fifteen Mil Wargaming”, you will have already come across this guy, albeit briefly.

Cadan Madak

5 Parsecs From Home produced the following:-

Origin: Research Outpost
Motivation: Revenge
Character Class: Bounty Hunter
Special Circumstances: Infiltration Unit
Talent: Infiltrator
Background Events: (1) Had a Lucky Break (2) Run In With Authorities

Back Story

Orphaned at an early age (circumstances, at present, unknown), Cadan was transferred by Unity Administration to be a guinea pig at Facility EOM11, an isolated research post on Aubos (a minor planet in the Tundhuri Sector). There, scientists were developing the black ops infiltration ‘super soldiers’. However, mistakes were made in the enhancing and conditioning of some of their subjects, including Cadan.

In adolescence, he discovered more than he should have done about his origin and broke free. Now he seeks revenge on those who assigned him to the Facility while making a living as a bounty hunter, drawing on his infiltration skills to catch his bounty.

Void Pirate Stats

Type – Hero
Attack (Ranged) – 4D [3]
Attack (Close) – 4D
Defence (Ranged) – 4D [3]
Defence (Close) – 4D [3]
Fate – 2D
Notes – Hard to kill, Initiative, Loner
Boosts – Dead eye (A)
Special Traits – Sneaky (+1D for cover bonus)
Move – 6cm
Equipment – Armour (Heavy), Blaster Rifle
Vitality – 6
Total Cost – 20 pts


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