Cayla Hohstadt

Cayla Hohstadt

Origin – Unity orphan utility program
Motivation – Survival
Character Class – Bounty hunter
Special Circumstances – Cybernetic enhancement (rapid fire)
Background Events – (1) Carried out a project, (2) Pointless drudgery

Back Story

Cayla was just another statistic on the Unity Orphan Utility Program. She had no idea who her parents were or where she was born. All that she knew is that from an early age she was required to work for the Sanitary and Hygene Executive in one of Unity’s mega administrative office blocks on Kotoba 3-7, sweeping room after room, day in day out, nine days a week, every week of the year. Her only free time was spent eating or sleeping in the Executive’s dormitory in the basement of the block. Until one day, she had enough and walked out.

Finding herself for the first time in the big wide world with only the clothes she had on  and her broom, she tried to earn a living, cleaning for others but with no identity papers or work permit, she could only obtain employment for those who didn’t ask too many questions and didn’t pay too highly.

Then one evening, she met Cadan Madak, who needed the hold of his craft thoroughly cleansed after a rather difficulty delivery. Unfortunately, while sweeping the hold, Cadan was visited by a very disappointed customer and Cayla found herself in the middle of a firefight.

With no choice but to defend herself, Cayla grabbed a spare firearm and to Cadan’s (and her own) surprise, she proved herself more than able to handle it…better, in fact, that she could handle her broom.

Impressed by her prowess, Cadan initially asked her to explain herself, but it was soon  clear that Cayla had no explanation. And so Cadan invited her to jin him in his work, which she readily accepted – anything was better than sweeping.

Void Pirate Stats

Type – Shooter
Attack (Ranged) – 6D [3]
Attack (Close) – 4D [1]
Defence (Ranged) – 6D
Defence (Close) – 4D
Notes – Shootist, Killshot
Boosts – Rapid Fire (A)
Special Traits – Lucky Cuss
Move – 6cm
Equipment – Blaster Rifle, Basic Melee Weapon
Vitality – 3
Total Cost – 10 pts


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