Macro K’Patha

Macro K'Patha

Origin – Military brat
Motivation – Power
Character Class – Trouble shooter
Special Circumstances – Orange alien
Alien Traits – (1) Fascinated by xeno forms, (2) Spatial instability, (3) Peculiar mating habits
Talent – Strong arm
Background Events – (1 & 2) Run in with the authorities
Known Enemies – Unity enforcers

Back Story

The Wyhnthari are a bellicose race focused on expanding their sphere of influence through the quickest means possible – violence. Not surprisingly, this stance offends the niceties of Unity officials and so they have been designated Orange. Despite that, the Wynthari are fascinated by the human race whom they regards as skinny and feeble but rather cute.

Macro K’Patha is very typical of his race. He sees no point in discourse when a blaster is much more efficient at solving a dispute and uses his natural strength to put his, or his clinet’s, point across.

He has never explained how he finds himself on the fringe of Unity space rather than joining his clan in their conquests but rumours abound about some of the misadventures of his youth and the ensuing fall-outs with relatives. Unfortunately for him and any companions that stick with him, time experience has not yet taught him to tread more carefully.

Void Pirate Stats

Type – Thug
Attack (Ranged) – 4D
Attack (Close) – 6D
Defence (Ranged) – 4D (3)
Defence (Close) – 6D (3)
Notes – Warrior, Killing Blow
Boosts – Aggressive (A)
Special Traits – Tough
Move – 6cm
Equipment – Armour (Heavy), Blaster Rifle
Vitality – 3
Total Cost – 10 pts


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